October 8, 2012

Regretters {featured trailer}

Regretters is the amazing widely prize-awarded Swedish documentary featuring the candid conversation between two men who both decided to change their sex only to later regret it. This is a hugely soulful and powerful film for anyone—straight, trans, or queer—who cares about navigating gender and identity in our sadly gender claustrophobic culture.

Regretters Trailer from Atmo on Vimeo.

October 2, 2012

Walk Like a Slut

I took my then three-year-old daughter to SlutWalk last year because I want her to grow up knowing nobody has the right to tell her avoiding rape is her responsibility. Or that she needs to police her look and behavior but a boy does not. As another mother said, she brought her six-year-old daughter because "she wanted her daughter to know that nobody has a right to her body." Her body is hers and no one has the right to do anything to it that she doesn't want.

Heading to the walk, I told my daughter SlutWalk is about celebrating girls and women. She said we should celebrate boys too.

Indeed. We need to foster a culture where boys and girls respect and trust each other. Where girls' and boys' fears and insecurities about sexuality—including when it comes to their own budding bodies as well as those of the opposite sex—are addressed. Through positive sex education that equips both girls and boys to approach sex with knowledge, respect and integrity.

Boys who "can't help themselves" are boys who've been shamed into wrongly thinking this is in fact so.
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