February 27, 2012

Tickle My Tush {featured book}

Tickle My Tush is a light introduction to anal play and stimulation geared to the uninitiated. With an emphasis on pleasure oriented fun, and written in an inviting, reassuring tone, this book will speak to those interested in exploring and expanding their sensual, sexual pleasure life, whether it be through a stress relieving buttocks massage, or a more adventuresome play with the anus.

Throughout the book, the focus is on going slow, staying safe, and listening to your own level of comfort. As studies report that anal sex is at a higher rate than ever, while some point out that young women may in turn feel a sense of pressure to engage in it against their own comfort levels, I welcome this book's emphasis on sticking with what feels comfortable to you. This is a good message to send to all young women and men venturing into anal sex. I agree with the author, Sadie Allison, that this book could also be a suitable one for couples to read together in bed for inspiration. And yes, it could also be a good fit for readers uncomfortable with descriptive, accurate words for sex and anatomy, though I personally prefer and advocate for the use of accurate terms for all body parts, including our genitals, and not euphemisms, no matter how "fun" the coined up terms may be.

February 20, 2012

Vulva Art: Healing and Empowering Women {featured contributor}

By Wrenna Roberston/Show Off Books

Blushing Cherry Blossom Pendant by Jessica Marie
No longer content with the status quo that portrays our genitals as unattractive, dirty, and shameful, the vulva is being given a makeover. And no, not by unethical surgeons who are happy to make a quick buck by lopping off our labia, but rather by a growing number of inspired artists who are not willing to stand by and allow our dominant culture dictate a fictitious reality regarding our genitals.

These individuals recognize that through art, we can challenge many of our society’s deepest assumptions, spark new ideas, catalyze critical thinking, inspire individuals, and reframe reality.

When viewed through the lens of dominant culture, it becomes understandable that so many women have a negative relationship with their genitals. We are sold feminine hygiene products, and sanitary napkins, which serve to underscore the flawed notion that our feminine flows are unclean. Female-oriented products such as Summer’s Eve stress odor control, heightening many women’s fear that their genitals smell badly. Mainstream pornography paints every female body in a similar way, using digital software to remove natural, healthy diversity.

February 13, 2012

Evulvalution: Playboy Centerfolds a Threat to Women and Children

Women's Genitals Infantilized
Evulvalution is an article reporting on a recent study examining the representation of women's vulvae in 647 Playboy Magazine centerfolds. The research team considered both the representation of the women's genitals as well as their whole bodies. Taken together, the team found that the centerfolds perpetuate a "Barbie Doll" ideal characterized by a low BMI, narrow hips, a prominent bust, and hairless, undefined genitalia resembling those of a prepubescent female.

February 6, 2012

Vulva 101 {featured book}

Vulva 101 by Hylton Coxwell is a new photo study of the vulva. Featuring one hundred and one vulvae in a large 13" x 11" coffee book, it offers amazing close-ups capturing the stunning beauty of the vulva in all its different shapes and textures, colors and shines. Each page contains three photos, all of the same woman's vulva.

Explains Coxwell about why he made Vulva 101:
For me, this journey began a long time ago. A quest, perhaps it could be called, to find out why so many women held so much shame and were embarrassed at the mere mention of an intrinsically beautiful part of their own bodies. A part that should symbolize life, love and pleasure, but instead is hidden from society and individuals, even from their words and thoughts. It was also a quest to find out what could be done to improve this situation.

February 3, 2012

Your Man Reminder {featured video}

For a little Friday sexy hotness on a very important and timely issue comes this little video presenting Your Man Reminder, a fun application free on iTunes (also available for Android phones) that will help you remember to check your breasts regularly to prevent breast cancer.

The video is presented by Rethink, a sassy young women’s breast cancer movement:
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